Communications Lab | 4 Credits | Prof. Sarah Krom

A production-based course that surveys various technologies including web development, 2D design, digital imaging, audio, video, and animation. "My work" links to a series of websites with various multimedia productions that I (co-)produced as part of the course.

Introduction to Interactive Media | 4 Credits | Prof. Michael Shiloh

An introductory course that provides students hands-on experience with screen and physical interaction design through programming and electronics using microcontrollers, electronics, and software development.

Understanding Interactive Media | 4 Credits | Prof. Heather Dewey-Hagborg

A seminar course where students discuss theories, questions, and conditions that encompass interactive media. For our final project, Li, Ben, and I organized "Performing Identity", a virtual exhibition that presents a collection of artworks concerned with the notion of Asian identity in the modern day.